Member Videos

These resources are available for Nirvana Club members Only.  Please feel free to watch the videos and use the resources as needed.  If you are looking for Nirvana Club downloads and resources you can find them on the Nirvana Club download page located HERE or Login from the top of the page.

ARM6 is Here...

ARM6: AI for Traders

ARM6 is the result of a focused 6-month effort to improve the Genetic Algorithm. As a result of this effort, the software is over 50 TIMES faster, and is generating highly consistent trading results in out of sample data. In all, over 20 key enhancements were made. The  12 minute video highlights the most important improvements.

Nirvana Club ARM5 Training for 2019

Use ARM5 to Improve Your Trading

In this training video for all members, Ed covers the three ways to use Nirvana A.I., including using the provided Nirvana Club Strategies, re-training existing A.I. components on your Symbol List, and how to get the best possible Signals every day.  

Using ARM5 in Multiple Time Frames

ARM5 is particularly powerful when used in Multiple Timeframes. In this educational video, Ed shows how to take an existing A.I. Block and use it in Daily/Weekly,  Heikin Ashi Daily/Weekly, and also Real Time 39 Minute/Daily time frames.  

Click Here to download the Profiles and Strategies