Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading Signals on the Planet

Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading Signals on the Planet

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Ed Downs
Founder and CEO

What is The Nirvana Club?

"The Nirvana Club was founded in 1996 to apply Artificial Intelligence to trading the markets.  Since its launch, over 2,000 Nirvana Customers have joined. Together, we have built powerful Artificial Intelligence technologies that members are using today to enhance their trading.

Members also share their ideas and trading experiences with other members, who have become lifelong friends.  There is nothing like The Nirvana Club - anywhere."

About The Club

The ARM Technology tab explains all the easy-to-use A.I. Components and Strategies that are available to Members, including Strategies based on...

  • The Neural Network
  • The Genetic Algorithm
  • The Consensus Block
  • Deep Learning (also described below).

Member Benefits - What Members receive as part of their Nirvana Club membership.

Testimonials - What Members have said about their Nirvana Club experience.

How to Join The Club - Just a few steps to joining the greatest trading organization ever created.

A.I. for Traders Explains all aspects of The Club, including the Nirvana Club A.I. Technology, Member Benefits and more.   Presentation Powerpoint

The next section is about Deep Learning - Our latest A.I. technology.

Deep Learning

A Powerful Addition to the Nirvana Club’s A.I. Arsenal

Join Ed Downs as He Explains the Benefits of Deep Learning for Nirvana Club Members!

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is based on a Neural Network that uses “Hidden Layers” to help it learn chart relationships.
But you don’t need to understand how it works. Just add
the Deep Learning block to your Strategy and let it improve your Signals.

Trade the Best Signals Every Day! 

Want More Great Info on Deep Learning?

Download Steve Mayo's Special Report!

Improves Existing Strategies

When added to an existing Strategy, the Deep Learning Module will examine each Signal and determine which factors in the Market are present on the BEST Signals. The result is you get Signals with much higher accuracy and profitability – just by adding Deep Learning!

We applied Deep Learning
to our MS-22 Strategy.

Every aspect of the Strategy
was improved:

• Higher Profits
• Lower Draw Downs
• Smoother Performance

Improves Existing Strategies

Going from 68% Accurate to 83%
And QUADRUPLING Profit per Trade!

We applied Deep Learning to our most popular Plug-In Strategies.
While 98% of them were improved in the Forward Test, several were dramatically improved:

BP Donchian Hit Rate went from 71% to 80% and PPT Quadrupled, going from 1% to 4.21%
MP Strong Trend went from 68% to 83%, with PPT also Quadrupling (1% to 3.98%)
Vortex Spread went from 69% to 78%. PPT more than Doubled from 1.5% to 3.31%

Mathematical Proof
…that Deep Learning Works.

The Deep Learning Module calculates a Score for every Signal. This plot shows the average
Hit Rate as Minimum Score is increased, demonstrating that higher Scores generate better Signals.

We see the same for Profit per Trade (PPT) and Annual Percentage Rate of Return (APR).  CONCLUSION: The Deep Learning module knows which Signals are the most profitable.

A Simple RSI System Becomes a Winner

We added Deep Learning to a simple
RSI Reversal System.

Buy When:

• RSI is below the classic oversold level.
  RSI(5) < 20

• RSI is reversing over 3 bars.
  RSI(5)[2] > RSI(5)[1] and RSI(5) > RSI(5)[1]

A Default Trade Plan was used in the
Strategy. But for Training, the Target (Exit)
was set at 5 bars.

2 Steps

1. Drop the Block
    into the Strategy.

2. Re-Train.

(Click Image Above for Higher Resolution)

The Deep Learning Block was able to improve this Simple Strategy.

The DL versions use a Deep Learning block. In the case of Longs and Shorts,
the difference in performance is fairly dramatic.

RSI Reversal With & Without DL:

Note - For these statistics, RSI Reversal DL is set to 90 for Advisor Cutoff.

With Shorts Applied

Note - For these statistics, RSI Reversal DL is set to 90 for Advisor Cutoff.

Think what Deep Learning could do with YOUR Strategies!

Just a few examples

To the right are some signals generated by the Deep Learning block.

Deep Learning is our fourth A.I. Technology.  Our prior A.I. works in different ways but is equally powerful. Visit our ARM Technology page to learn about all the A.I. components that have been developed since the inception of The Nirvana Club.

Ready to Trade!

All our A.I. Technology is embedded in Strategies that are available in canned profiles on our Downloads page.

Just place the Strategies in OmniTrader or VisualTrader and start trading with the Best Signals on the Planet!

Put Artificial Intelligence to Work in Your Trading!

Nirvana Club Members:

Any Current Member can get
the latest version of OmniTrader.

Click Get My CD Keys in the Help-Registration

“A Nirvana Club Membership is my best trade
investment to date!” - Reece Beane

Not Yet a Member?

We are currently offering discounts to
new Members who Join the Club. 

"I plan to retire in several months and enter full-time trading thanks to the current and coming developments at Nirvana." 
- William Marsheck

Join the Club!

The Nirvana Club was founded in 1996 for the purpose of developing advanced Strategies based on
Artificial Intelligence. Members have access to so many assets in The Club, including…

• The Genetic Algorithm Block – Finds Profitable Trading Rules in your Data.
• The Consensus Block – Finds relationships between Indicators.
• Many Great AI Strategies developed over 25 years, Ready to Download!
• Nirvana Club Forum – the Most Active Trading Community in the Industry.
• Great Product Discounts on Nirvana Software and Services.
• And More!

Click Here to get the complete Story including great videos on all the
Club has to offer, including a description of the many Club Benefits.

This comprehensive video explains the many benefits of a Nirvana Club membership, including:

* Exclusive A.I. Trading Technology
* Proprietary Products Created for Members
* The Amazing People in The Club
* Generous Member Benefits
* And more!

Nothing beats the incredible value of a Nirvana Club Membership! 

The Time To Join Is Now!