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Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading Signals on the Planet

Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading
Signals on the Planet!

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Announcing ARM6

Artificial Intelligence for Traders

ARM6 is the result of a focused 6-month effort to improve the Genetic Algorithm. As a result of this effort, the software is over 50 TIMES faster, and is generating highly consistent trading results in out of sample data. In all, over 20 key enhancements were made. The 12 minute video highlights the most important improvements.

Discover the Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership

Nirvana Club ARM5 Video Presentation

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In this presentation, you will learn...

• How ARM5, our A.I. technology for traders, can dramatically INCREASE the PROFITABILITY of ANY Strategy. 

• ARM5 Strategies showing 85% Accuracy and over 3% Profit per Trade in out-of-sample data.

• An ARM5 Strategy that has generated 30% Annual Gains over the past 15 years!

• PLUS – The Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership in ADDITION to the software – including discounts, member meetings, priority support and more!

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Users Talk About Their Experience

with Nirvana Systems, The Club and ARM.

Randy MacTaggart

OmniTrader shows great promise in streamlining the time and effort necessary to find good trade setups. I am continuing to expiriment with all of its capabilities and features to enhance my trading. The Nirvana Club represents the best possibility of reaching the goal of automated trading that I have found. Nirvana Systems has employed state of the art technology and creative approaches to solving the automated trading problem. Customer service is exemplary and the Forum has been very educational and promotes the effective sharing of trading ideas and experience.

Ken Holmes

Dear OmniTrader User: Have you been thinking about joining the Club but spending the money has held you back? I have been a member of the Club for almost 4 years and I sure am glad I joined. Club members are always ready to help and provide their assistance. As a member of the Club you have the opportunity to participate in the success and development of Omni Trader. You will be rewarded over and over again by the success of the Club Strategies. The money you will make will quickly cover the cost of joining. This year Nirvana decided to reward the Club members by giving them the new proprietary NSP strategy and the NSP enhanced Club Strategy. This is a $3000 gift that will put money directly into your pocket! I paper traded the NSP-31 Strategy for a while and I made my first real trade using it last week. So far I am doing well and I have not been stopped out yet. Do yourself a favor - Join today and find out what you are missing.

Gerald Wakeen

The yearly bash is a useful and inspiring affair that I will likely never miss. Using things I have learned from the Club, I have made additions to my trading system and style. The Club exposes me to ideas that I would not normally see. Ed Downs’ vision is what led to my initial attraction to Nirvana. His many accomplishments in personnel selection, software design direction, and innovative ideas continue to impress me. I believe the long-term Nirvana goals will be achieved. Many benefits fall to customers who purchase Nirvana software, but Club members gain a great deal more by getting to know the staff and being exposed to the design process and the yearly "Bash". Club members also receive special software (ARM2) with upgrades and are in a position to more easily contribute ideas while benefiting from the ideas of other members.

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System Development Kit

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Interactive Nirvana Club Forums

Nirvana Club Bash Event

Participation in Nirvana's Product Development

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Why YOU should join the Nirvana Club!

John Georgick

The Nirvana Club has been my best Trade Investment.

Discover why Nirvana Club Members LOVE this Organization.