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"The Best BASH EVER!"

This was the repeated feedback I heard from attendees at this year's BASH.  I have great news!  All session recordings have now been posted on the Nirvana Club BASH 2018 page.  Thanks to all who made this The Best BASH Ever!
- Ed Downs


ARM5 Sets New Performance Records

Learn about the incredible advances we have realized
using Nirvana Systems Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Nirvana Club Founder Ed Downs

“After many months of work, applying and enhancing our Artificial Intelligence technology, or AI, ARM5 has finally been released!  This key advancement is going to propel The Nirvana Club into a new era of prosperity."

Ed Downs
CEO and Founder

Just Released!

Nirvana Club ARM5 Video Presentation

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Ed's new video about ARM5 and The Club.

* A NEW ARM5 Strategy showing 85% Accuracy and over 3% Profit per Trade in out-of-sample data.

* A NEW ARM5 Strategy that has generated 30% Annual Gains over the past 13 years!

* How ARM5 dramatically INCREASES the profitability of virtually ANY EXISTING Strategy.

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ARM is Easy to Use and can be FULLY AUTOMATED.​

Nirvana Club ARM Equity Curves

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History of ARM Technology

From our first A.I. product release in 1998 until today,  NOTHING has provided the trading power and advantage of ARM.

Users Talk About Their Experience

with Nirvana Systems, The Club and ARM.

Each year trading with Nirvana becomes more exciting as new products and updates are introduced. The Nirvana Club has allowed me to gain better knowledge on the hows and whys of these great programs as well as meet some great people with similar interests.

- Chris Nevins

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John Georgick

The Nirvana Club has been my best Trade Investment.

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