Adjusting to Changing Market Conditions

... is the Key to Steady Gains and Low Draw Downs

In February 2016 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana Club. The Club has grown to become one of the most knowledgeable and close-knit organizations of traders ever created. At each annual meeting, members show impressive results they have achieved with our products. It’s been great to watch happen. And it’s still growing today.

As we have continued to improve our technology, current market conditions have focused our attention on investment techniques that reduce market risk. The 5 year run-up in the major indexes is eerily reminiscent of the 1999 pre-crash environment. We’ve had our first major pullback, and the general indexes are down for the year. How does one prudently invest in the face of such uncertainty?

A number of companies calling themselves, “Robo Advisors” have recently sprung up as “state of the art, automated investment strategies.” They are virtually all based on Modern Portfolio Theory (which was invented in 1972). And almost all of them use ETFs to spread investment capital across a range of uncorrelated stocks and other assets.

There are many problems with this approach that have been clearly documented. One of the most significant is that holding non-correlated securities is not very conducive to growth. Obviously, if some holdings go up while others go down, we’re really just treading water.

We acknowledge that diversification is important. But we also believe that the secret to staying adequately diversified and making money is to dynamically shift investments as the market changes character. We call it Dynamic Market State Switching or DMSS. We just released a new platform called “OmniFunds” that uses DMSS to determine when to buy certain assets.

This method is already bearing fruit. DMSS enables us to change approaches based on what the market is doing. We have the tools now, and members are working with us to create new OmniFunds Applications that minimize risk while maintaining a positive Alpha (returns vs. the market).

The key differentiator is ARM4. ARM4 is based on combining market measurements to arrive at “rules” that can tell us when a given Signal or bar in a chart is likely to generate an upward move. And we just released a new “secret weapon” to Members called ARM4 Indicators.

We can now SEE the predictive score of each Neural Network. This is enabling us to define “Filters” that eliminate symbols that have a high-risk profile and “Ranking Functions” that bring the best candidates to the top. We expect all this firepower – ARM4 Indicators, OmniFunds and a new app called The Trade Equalizer to propel us into a New Frontier of investment success. And we’d like you to be on board for the adventure.

Other companies sell single Strategies that cost the same as a Nirvana Club Membership. As a member, you get much more than a Strategy. You get a whole system of advanced tools, support and trading acumen that is unmatched in the investment world. You also get great benefits, including priority support and substantial discounts on products and subscriptions, including education and data.

​In this Nirvana Club member drive we have “sweetened the offer” even more. First, we are including OmniFunds, our new automated fund testing and management product – a $2,495 value by itself. Those who sign up by the deadline will also get The Trade Equalizer, our new OmniFunds Signal Management app. The Trade Equalizer will retail for $995, but it’s free with your membership.

I want every OmniTrader and VisualTrader user on board the Nirvana Club as we unlock the secrets of the markets with these powerful products. Take advantage of our special pricing on now!


Ed Downs

CEO and Founder

Nirvana Systems, Inc.​