What's Included in Your Lifetime Membership?

Nirvana Club Lifetime Members not only receive unlimited access to all of our current Plug-ins, Modules, and Education, but they also receive anything we create in future FREE forever!  As a Lifetime Member, you also never have to pay Membership Dues, and your Membership is fully transferable.

October 13, 2021 - After many requests, Ed has decided to open Lifetime Members seats for the calendar year of 2021.
Ed has authorized 10 Seats to be available until Monday, October 18.

October 15, 2021 - As of this morning, all 10 seats have already been filled. If you are interested, please contact Nate or Scott today.

December 1, 2021 - As a final, year-end offer, Ed has decided to open Lifetime Members seats. Ed has authorized 10 Seats to be available until Friday, December 10.

December 10, 2021 - As of this morning, all 10 seats have already been filled. If you are interested, please contact Nate or Scott today.

Or Call 1.800.880.0338
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OmniTrader Professional

VisualTrader Professional

Nirvana Club Lifetime Members receive the Professional version of our award-winning trading platforms.
That includes FREE upgrades for life!


Teaching traders how to make consistent profits is Nirvana Systems specialty, and Lifetime Members gain FREE access to our extensive educational library and new educational events for life.


Nirvana Systems has currently created over 60 profitable Plug-ins and Modules, and there are more to come. Lifetime Club Members have full access to ALL current Plug-ins and Modules, any updates, and any new Plug-ins and Modules forever!

Advanced Cycle Trader 2

ARM5: Funds

ARM5: Futures

ARM5: Stocks

ARM5: RTM 17

ARM5: Stocks Liquid

Chart Pattern Recognition Module 6

Chart Pattern Systems 3.0

Connors RSI

Darvas Box Package

Divergence Trading Module

Dynamic Profit Module

Fibonacci Trader w/ IEF Strategy


Fulcrum 2.0

GroupTrader3 w/ETF Trader


Hot Strategy Finder

Hurst Cycle Trader

Ichimoku Cloud

iTLB 3.0


Money Zone 3.0

MS-16 Combo




NSP-41 for Club Members

OptionTrader 4

PairTrader 2.0

Pring KST Package


Profit Bands


RS1 Rotation Suite

RT Futures Strategy Suite

RT Stocks Strategy

RT Strategy Suite

RTM7 Strategy

RTX-3 Strategy

Seasonality 2.0

Secret Sauce Plug-in for VT

Secret Sauce V2 Plug-in

Snap Analyzer


Strategy Wizard 3

Swingtrader 1

Swingtrader 2

Swing-13! Strategy

T3 Power Suite

Trade Equalizer

TradeScope Pro

TurtleTrader Plug-in

Ultimate Indicator Suite

VBX-3 Strategy




Visual ETF Trader Module

Volume Systems 2.0

WaveTrader 3.0

Woodie's CCI

Z3 Strategy

The 7 Chart Patterns

Fulcrum method Seminar

Creating Winning Strategies with OT

Confirmation Tactics with OT

Profiting with market Breadth Seminar

Introduction to Forex

Mastering Money Mangement

Power to Trade with Confidence Seminar

Nirvana's Trading Secrets (1&2)

Wave Trading Method Seminar

Trade Master Series for Money Zone 2

Trade Master Series for ProfitBands

Trade Master Series for OptionTrader 2.0

Top Gun Training - Real Time

Top Gun Training - End of Day

How to use Economic Indicators

Understanding Fundamentals

Understanding Technical Indicators

Harnessing the Power of Options

Trade Master Series for VT 11

Power Trading with MTC Chart Patterns

Summer 2015 Trading Extravaganza

OTU: 2012-2013 Semester 1

OTU: 2012-2013 Semester 2

OTU: 2012-2013 Semester 3

OTU: 2012-2013 Semester 4

Most Accurate ChartPatterns

Candlestick Patterns

Harnessing the Power of Heikin Ashi Charts

Creating Great Signals w/Strat Builder

Boosting Profits with Options

Using Optimization to Maximum Advantage

Razor Sharp Reversal Trading w/Divergence

Advanced Volume Analysis

Swing Trading for Consistent Profits

Position Trading for Long Term Gains

The Forex Trading Method

Riding the Tide: The Trend Trading Method

Trading Lab Method:Trading the Moves in RT

ARM4: Applications Overview