Nirvana Club Rules

The Nirvana Club, like all clubs, has rules which are designed to benefit the body of members to the greatest extent possible.

Use of the Nirvana Club Member Directory

The Club Directory is provided for the edification of the members, so they may look each other up, review member interests, and respond on a one-on-one basis. The directory is completely open to all members, and lists all members. About half of the members have elected to list initials only and omit their addresses. However, the interests of all members are surveyed on their directory web page and other members can still contact them through embedded email links. Email addresses are not posted (our servers handle the correspondence).

The only restriction on the User Directory (besides confidentiality, per the Nirvana Club Agreement) is that members may not send the same or substantially similar email to many members at the same time. This includes all forms of surveys, and general questions regarding the use of Nirvana products. Such "unsolicited email" constitutes "spam". Technical support questions should be directed to the Forums or to Nirvana Technical Support (not in a blanket request to multiple members).

Use of the Interactive Forums

The interactive Forums are provided for the use and edification of the members. Members may post questions there, and many members do in fact post Strategies they have found to work well in the markets.

Nirvana encourages free-flow of information between members on trading topics of interest. However, all commercial and non-Club uses of the Forums are prohibited. In addition, all forms of negative language and comments are disallowed. The Forums are self-moderated, which means if a negative post is made, other members will flag it and the post will be removed from the Forum, pending review by the Administrator.

Publication of ARM3 Signals

ARM3 signals may be used by members engaged in newsletters or other endeavors, provided that the signals are a part of their regimen (i.e., a prospecting source) and are not specifically identified as having come from ARM3. Publishing the signals straight from ARM3 is not allowed.


All Nirvana Club materials are considered confidential, if they have the words "Nirvana Club Confidential" on them. Many details of Nirvana's business are posted on the Nirvana Club web site, and members may not share the Nirvana Club link and their password with other non-Club members. The membership agreement includes a simple confidentiality agreement, in which prospective members agree to keep Nirvana's confidential information - particularly on research - confidential.