Open Resources

Open Resources

These resources are available for all Nirvana Systems customers.  Please feel free to watch the videos and use the resources as needed.  If you are looking for Nirvana Club downloads and resources you can find them on the Nirvana Club download page located HERE or Login from the top of the page.

Webinar Resources (Includes Assets from Webinar 1-3)

IMPORTANT: You must run the OmniTrader or VisualTrader updater (Required)!  Once updated, you can download the 12 Days Resource package (Strategies, Indicators, and OmniScans).  This file includes the assets provided in prior webinars and will be updated throughout the remainder of the event.   

Find and Trade the Best Reversals

There are many profitable trading candidates that can be identified every day using the techniques we will cover in this video. My goal is to provide everyone, including Guests, OmniTrader Users, and Nirvana Club Members with the tools and instructions you need to trade these powerful opportunities.

Find and Trade the Best Breakout

Breakouts are very profitable trading opportunities, but some are more accurate than others. In this session we will look at Breakout indicators, a Breakout Strategy for OmniTrader, and an AI version.

Find and Trade Profitable Basing Opportunities

With the current market trading at lows, it makes a lot of sense to identify and trade these powerful opportunities now! In this session, we will look at Basing Pattern Indicators, as well as a Strategy for OmniTrader, and a Nirvana Club version that uses A.I. for improved results.

FREE GIFT:  EWI:  The Early Warning Indicator

As our Free Gift to our OmniTrader users and Nirvana Customers, Ed unveils his Early Warning Indicator - a great way to detect a market turn AHEAD of the fact.

This indicator will be discussed and used in the coming week.

Identifying Probable Market Direction

People often seem surprised when the market drops or rallies by a large amount. However, using specific, simple tools in OmniTrader, it's relatively easy to determine the most likely direction of the overall stock market, on a short, medium, and long-term basis. In this webinar, we will explore the use of these tools.

Artificial Intelligence for Traders

Artificial Intelligence can provide the best possible Signals for trading. In this webinar, we will explore how A.I. is able to improve Strategies through the prudent application of pattern recognition and indicator analysis, while demonstrating how easy our Nirvana Club A.I. is to use!

3 Steps to Successful Trading

In this final session of The 12 Days of The Nirvana Club, I will discuss the 3 Simple Steps that all traders should follow to profit in 2019. I will also unveil current developments in the Nirvana Club that promise to dramatically extend our lead in A.I. Technology for Traders in the coming year.