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BASH 2019

About BASH 2019

The BASH has been the Nirvana Club's Annual meeting since February 1997.  In the past, Nirvana has presented information to educate members on the resources we have made available (products, services, etc.)  We are now in a position to leverage major advances made to the Genetic Algorithm in 2019 to produce the most profitable Strategies we have ever seen.  

So, while Nirvana has many products that help Traders, the focus for the Nirvana Club needs to be on creating these Strategies and educating members on how to use them.

Click here to download the BASH 2019 Agenda.  The BASH is focused on three agendas:  

1)  Research:  Furthering our knowledge of approaches and techniques that create great Strategies

2)  Strategies:  Working directly with Members in the form of a "Mastermind"  to refine our Strategy concepts.

3)  Education:  Empowering Members to succeed with the Strategies through Education on the best Scans and approaches to reducing risk.

We will be discussing how this new web site will facilitate each of the three missions..