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    Ryan Olson

    There are various ways to combine indicators so that a smoother result or one with more information is obtained.

    Average Periodicity  – Sum multiple periods of any indicator and take the average value.  The benefit is that high and low values show an ALIGNED situation (where each periodicity is at its peak or valley).  The spacing between period values can be altered to emphasize the short or long term.

    • (RSI(3)+RSI(7)+2*RSI(14)+RSI(21))/5                 Equal Weighted
    • (2*RSI(3) + RSI(7) + RSI(14) + RSI(21))/5 Short Term Weighted

    (RSI(3)+RSI(7) + RSI(14) + 2*RSI(21))/5                    Long Term Weighted

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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