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    Larry Johnson

    Mark’s FX trading presentation in the Bash was pretty exciting.  I have been playing with the charts and looking for other ways of identifying good signals.  I have been a fan of Daryl Guppy’s methods for awhile and in the discussion of the count-back line in his book “Trend Trading” he discusses trend change verification to go with the CBL.

    One of my favorite little gems is the eVoss Predictor by John Ehlers and translated by Mel Dickover.  I added it to the 2m chart with the RSI(3) ands it is a nice confirmer as well as kicking off some decent signals alone as well.  The eVoss can be used either with a crossover of the lines or crossing over zero.

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    Ryan Olson

    Larry – I agree completely with using John Ehlers tools for predicting moves.  I coded these myself as well in hopes of getting it added to OT in the future. I created a strategy using the PassBand which I will be applying to Forex this week after seeing the presentations!

    Larry Johnson

    Ryan, glad to hear you are working with the Ehlers.  When it comes to Ed’s “drivers” and “builders” I sort of fit in between as maybe a “part-time weekend builder”.

    Another one I like and use that Mel translated is the eFourier.  I usually include it on a chart along with the Spectrum heat map to find the dominant cycle and then edit the eFourier for that cycle.  Would be nice if somebody could program that so the dominant cycle could be built in the indicator.  That is builder work that I could never do on a weekend <:)

    Johnny Johannessen


    Did Mark elaborate on why he’s using OT to generate the signals, but is using Oanda for the actual trades.? I can see why he would do that if he wanted to trade with a higher leverage overseas, but if he used an US based Oanda account, he would be stuck with the 50:1 leverage cap no matter what.

    It’s also not clear to me why he calls these trades ‘discretionary’.? Is it because the trades are being placed manually on Oanda, or is he overruling the signals based on ‘instinct’ before he pulls the trigger.? He mentioned the 2 min time frame in his presentation, but it’s not entirely clear to me how.?

    Ed Downs

    Good questions.   the Strategy Mark showed is not 100% Mechanical.  He is using some indicators and Signals from a System he made, and using multiple time frames in the Heikin Ashi to confirm, but it is highly discretionary at this point.  He was trying to show the potential in the trades.  He is working  to get it automated.  I thought it would be good for him to present about Forex because a lot of people are not aware of the profit potential and the trending nature of that market.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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