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Artificial Intelligence
For Traders

The Best Trading
Signals on the Planet!


Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading Signals on the Planet!

Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading
Signals on the Planet!

Announcing ARM6

Artificial Intelligence for Traders

ARM6 is the result of a focused 6-month effort to improve the Genetic Algorithm. As a result of this effort, the software is over 50 TIMES faster, and is generating highly consistent trading results in out of sample data. In all, over 20 key enhancements were made. The 12 minute video highlights the most important improvements.

Discover the Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership

Nirvana Club ARM5 Video Presentation

In this presentation, you will learn...

  • How ARM5, our A.I. technology for traders, can dramatically INCREASE the PROFITABILITY of ANY Strategy.
  • ARM5 Strategies showing 85% Accuracy and over 3% Profit per Trade in out-of-sample data.
  • An ARM5 Strategy that has generated 30% Annual Gains over the past 15 years!
  • PLUS – The Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership in ADDITION to the software – including discounts, member meetings, priority support and more!

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Users Talk About Their Experience

with Nirvana Systems, The Club and ARM.

Brandon L.

I have used many different charting and trading tools since I stated back in 1998 when the big tech boom happened, I like other investors quickly learned after it was over that trading was not easy, in search of technical trading tools in helping my profit potential (I tried many) I found Ed Downs and his software, it was effective and very customisable compared to others back then and still now. At this moment in time I am blown away by what they are doing with there updated software and new tools, they just keep getting better and better. I am Nirvana Systems for life!! Thanks to all at Nirvana Systems, from the support all the way to the top.

William Huffaker

Nirvana has succeeded over the years because they genuinely want to make your trading experience easier and more profitable. They are not simply a "software" company. The Nirvana Club is a family of traders.

Jake Haagsman

Since trading tends to be a solitary passion for most of us, learning the perspectives and insights of other traders has been very helpful. Also, the products are unique and have opened my thinking to new realms of trading. As a charter member of the club, I have been continually impressed at Nirvana's generosity in sharing new discoveries with its members. It is a privilege to be part of something so cutting edge. It is exciting to be a part of a select group sharing serious research and genuinely advancing the promise of automated trading. There is much hype about "intelligent" trading systems, neural nets, etc., but this Club, if anything, is the "anti-hype." I have seen serious new ideas advance, with usable beta software to match, that have challenged me to re-think my trading strategies in profound new ways. I have not regretted joining the Club for one minute.

Membership Has
it's Rewards

ARM Technology

System Development Kit

Member Networking​

Interactive Nirvana Club Forums

Nirvana Club Bash Event

Participation in Nirvana's Product Development

​The Ultimate Trading Machine Goal

Product Discounts

Why YOU should join the Nirvana Club!

John Georgick

The Nirvana Club has been my best Trade Investment.

Discover why Nirvana Club Members LOVE this Organization.