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Artificial Intelligence
For Traders

The Best Trading
Signals on the Planet!


Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading Signals on the Planet!

Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading
Signals on the Planet!

Announcing ARM6

Artificial Intelligence for Traders

ARM6 is the result of a focused 6-month effort to improve the Genetic Algorithm. As a result of this effort, the software is over 50 TIMES faster, and is generating highly consistent trading results in out of sample data. In all, over 20 key enhancements were made. The 12 minute video highlights the most important improvements.

Discover the Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership

Nirvana Club ARM5 Video Presentation

In this presentation, you will learn...

  • How ARM5, our A.I. technology for traders, can dramatically INCREASE the PROFITABILITY of ANY Strategy.
  • ARM5 Strategies showing 85% Accuracy and over 3% Profit per Trade in out-of-sample data.
  • An ARM5 Strategy that has generated 30% Annual Gains over the past 15 years!
  • PLUS – The Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership in ADDITION to the software – including discounts, member meetings, priority support and more!

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Users Talk About Their Experience

with Nirvana Systems, The Club and ARM.

John Hope, M.D.

Nirvana Club is the quintessential force in the market place that will someday enable the little guy to compete with the market for profits instead of losses. Outstanding, extraordinary, and cutting edge. Ed Downs is a true pioneer in the field of technical analysis and market research!

Brian Roberto

The Nirvana Club has help me tremendously. I consider myself some what technical, but some of the members are great and have help me on technical issues along with developing some great strategies. I trade real time and use rt-arm2r3 to reinforce trades that I am in. Would not trade without it.

Mark Maddox

The products have helped me to improve my trading confidence and decision-making ability. I especially enjoy and value learning how others trade and sharing ideas and information. Before Nirvana, I lacked the market insight and courage to trade/invest outside of my company's retirement plans. The late 90's bull run pretty much left me behind and I decided never again. Three years ago I took matters into my own hands and joined the online trading revolution. I was quickly challenged by the harsh realities of the stock market because I lacked knowledge, experience, and the right tools. Slightly discouraged but not defeated, I realized I needed an edge. I began to read the experiences of others who had survived the same mistakes I was making and I began to search for the best analysis tools to help me 'see' the market. I discovered OmniTrader during this search. Of all the technical analysis software applications I reviewed, OmniTrader offered me that edge I was looking for. Beyond the analysis abilities of OmniTrader, I was most impressed with the history of Nirvana the company, it's vision, and dedication to continued innovation. Realizing that stock trading could become a means for living, I decided to treat trading as a job and see it as my business startup. I wanted all the Nirvana resources available to me to help give me that all-important edge, so I joined the Nirvana Club and added the ARM2 technology to my toolbox. Nearly two years ago I left my well-paying corporate job and began trading for a living. Today, I continue to value and support Nirvana’s research and innovations and I am as committed as ever to their vision of the Ultimate Trading Machine and trading for a living.

Membership Has
it's Rewards

ARM Technology

System Development Kit

Member Networking​

Interactive Nirvana Club Forums

Nirvana Club Bash Event

Participation in Nirvana's Product Development

​The Ultimate Trading Machine Goal

Product Discounts

Why YOU should join the Nirvana Club!

John Georgick

The Nirvana Club has been my best Trade Investment.

Discover why Nirvana Club Members LOVE this Organization.