One of the best things about The Club is the caliber of its members.  We have some brilliant market scientists who are always coming up with improvements that lead to profits.  In this section, we actively share work on many topics, from the best Inputs for the Genetic Algorithm to Smart Exits.  It’s an interactive process facilitated by the Research Forum, included on the page.

Recent Additions

11/1/19 - Page Created


Feel free to create a new thread in the General Research Forum on any topics or any new topic or technique you believe could lead to furthering our Strategy development efforts.   As we focus on specific topics, new Forums will be created below the General Research Forum for members to contribute to..

Research Topics

  • Creating & Using Super Indicators
  • Creating & Using Super Inputs
  • The Best Way to Measure Volatility
  • The Best Way to Measure Trend
  • Using Market Breadth Indicators
  • Frequency Domain Inputs
  • Using Heikin Ashi & Renko
  • Divergence Indicators
  • Inter-Market Relationships
  • Market Breadth Indicators
  • Creating Option Trade Plans
  • Building Smarter Exits
  • Using Multiple GA's in a Strategy
  • About the Fitness Functions
  • Output Constraints in the GA
  • Indicator Classifications
  • Using Multiple Timeframes
  • Using MS Access to Improve a GA
  • Using Filters vs Required Inputs
  • Strategy Wizard and the GA
  • Special Assets: Valid Trend Lines