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ARM5 Sets New Performance Records

Learn about the incredible advances we have realized
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Nirvana Club ARM5 Video Presentation

In this presentation, you will learn...

  • How ARM5, our A.I. technology for traders, can dramatically INCREASE the PROFITABILITY of ANY Strategy.
  • ARM5 Strategies showing 85% Accuracy and over 3% Profit per Trade in out-of-sample data.
  • An ARM5 Strategy that has generated 30% Annual Gains over the past 15 years!
  • PLUS – The Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership in ADDITION to the software – including discounts, member meetings, priority support and more!

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Users Talk About Their Experience

with Nirvana Systems, The Club and ARM.

Charlie Flack

The results so far (on NSP-31) after 3 months are very close to the test results Nirvana published. After 9 trades the return is 17% with a win/loss of 2.34 to 1. These are the kind of results that most money managers only dream of!

Paul Waijers

Since the start of the Nirvana Club, the input of Nirvana Club members has been actively pursued by Nirvana to enhance their products. Nirvana System as no other vendor does listen to their customers in enhancing their product.

Bud Wilkes

Dear Ed, I am very happy with the results I have been getting from the NSP-31 NN strategy. My portfolio which contained the NSP-31 trades has been my most successful to date. Out of seven trades, six have made money, netting 3% or more per trade. I am looking forward to expanding my NSP-31 trading into some other portfolios. Thanks, Nirvana, for providing me with the tools I need to be a happy and successful trader. Not only is the Nirvana software useful in making money, but it is a lot of fun too!

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John Georgick

The Nirvana Club has been my best Trade Investment.

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