Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading Signals on the Planet

Artificial Intelligence For Traders

The Best Trading Signals on the Planet

Discover the Many Benefits of a Nirvana Club Membership

These comprehensive videos explain the many benefits of a Nirvana Club membership, including: 

· Exclusive A.I. Trading Technology · Proprietary Products Created for Members
· The Amazing People in The Club · Generous Member Benefits · And more!

Discover the Nirvana Club

A.I. For Traders

Nothing Beats the Incredible Value of a Nirvana Club Membership!

This comprehensive video explains the many benefits of a Nirvana Club membership, including:

* Exclusive A.I. Trading Technology
* Proprietary Products Created for Members
* The Amazing People in The Club
* Generous Member Benefits
* And more!

Nothing beats the incredible value of a Nirvana Club Membership! 

The Time To Join Is Now!    

The Time To Join Is Now!    

Users Talk About Their Experience

with Nirvana Systems, The Club and ARM.

Fred Gordon

Club products have frequently sparked new directions in my investing. Subjects discussed in the Forums are often over my head; even so, I learn something each time I tune in. I have been a Nirvana customer for years. I have been a Club member since it's beginning. It is hard to remember how many times I have called for help to Ed or one of his staff. What is easy to remember is that each time, I was left with the feeling that they had given me their best.

David Olson

I've been a Nirvana Club member since the beginning. Joining the Club has been one of the best "trading" decisions of my life. With the Club discounts, the shared help and ideas of other members, and the special attention Nirvana gives Club members, even after all this time I would join again without hesitation.

Al Abdulla

It has been a pleasant and productive experience being a member of the Nirvana Club and I would encourage any one serious about trading and using the software to join and become a member. Nirvana Systems and ARM3 are exceptionally well designed to serve my needs as a trader.

Jerome Sigalow

The club has provided a place for myself and my peers to communicate and has opened up a whole world of sharing and camaraderie. Because of my many years in the club my trading knowledge and success has increased exponentially and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other members.

John Sloop

Ed's objective of the Ultimate Trading Machine is clearly in sight as a reachable goal. While other systems have similar analytic systems, the individual pieces are not built with the view of incorporating them into an automated trading system. Nirvana Club provides the opportunity to influence system development based on your trading methods, characteristics, and patterns. Ed ensures that any work done will be compatible with the ultimate objective. Forum discussions with active traders, helps keep me open to new ideas and trading tactics and theories.

John Leslie

When one trades for a living, it is very easy to become relatively narrow in approach to the markets. It is my opinion that everyone must grow professionally to continue to be successful. The Nirvana Club has exposed me to new strategies and approaches as well as to a group of exceptional traders. It would be difficult to quantify the monetary benefit of the Club as I daily tweak the tools (OmniTrader and VisualTrader) and employ new ideas I have learned from the Club. The Nirvana Club remains my single best resource for trading success. The Nirvana Club provides members with a Forum to discuss trading needs, software applications, and personal trading results (Forums); an opportunity to review products in development (Beta Tests) and make suggestions/recommendations; and a vast and diverse group of other members to provide suggestions and solutions. Of course, ultimately, the Club is focused on the ultimate trading solution. Together, these resources make the subscription to the Club one of the best values I have found. I have recommended Nirvana Club to many of my personal friends who wish to go to the next level in trading success.

Membership Has
it's Rewards

OmniTrader Professional

ARM A.I. Technology

OmniTrader versions of all ARMx Strategies developed for Fulgent A.I.

System Development Kit

Member Networking

Interactive Nirvana Club Forums

Nirvana Club Bash Event

Participation in Nirvana's Product Development

The Ultimate Trading Machine Goal

Product Discounts

Why YOU should join the Nirvana Club!

John Georgick

The Nirvana Club has been my best Trade Investment.

Discover why Nirvana Club Members LOVE this Organization.